Frequently Asked Questions

Is T&T impacted by COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?

All of T&T's suppliers are back up and running, with most reporting that 90% or more of their workforce has returned after this unusual period of time. We are feeling confident and optimistic about the opportunities that we see in the coming months. We are already taking new orders and providing quotes on new production. All orders placed before CNY are expected to be delivered in full in the next few weeks. While there are some delays being experienced with final shipping and delivery, overall we are running at near 100% efficiency. If you have any questions about your orders, please get in contact with your account manager for more detailed information. We have also taken steps to ensure the safety of our QC staff in factories. All staff are required to wear face masks and wash hands frequently, before and after handling any products. Its also worth noting that China has exceptionally low rates of new and active infections in our production areas. There were only ever 100 infections in our hub city, and currently there remains just 2 active infections which are being isolated in hospital facilities. China has done a great job at instilling social distancing as the new norm to rapid beat the virus! #greatworkchina!

What is the normal process & timeframe for new product development?

There is no one type of product development. Every product and customer is different. Time lines can vary considerably depending on the product, from days to months. Possible process for prouct development involves:

  1. Primary exploratory consultation, discussing the product and deciding what's important to the customer.
  2. File and image exchange to guide the sourcing process.
  3. Production partner sourcing.
  4. Quotations and further discussions.
  5. Sample details confirmed.
  6. Sample fee.
  7. Sample finished and sent to customer.
  8. Confirmation or iteration of sample until confirmed.
For specific details, please get in contact with your project manager or for new clients, please submit your information here.

What currency do you operate in?

As is standard across the industry, we quote in USD and accept payments by international bank transfer.

Do you source and manufacture products outside China?

Unfortunately, no. We are specialists in Chinese manufacturing. We have partners and contacts throughout the country with our staff based in China. Our logistics network also enables rapid delivery processes.