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T & T is a company that helps businesses with sourcing and quality compliance in China. We source new products, and find manufacturers to make our customer's own designs. We help with ensuring quality controls for mass production, and we can assist with logistics around shipping. 


We are a small team based in China. We speak English and Chinese and have an extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers. We travel to factories. We travel to trade fairs. We travel to customers. We really are a one stop shop for getting things done.


The best products made by the best factories in China.


We work with companies of all shapes and sizes, in many different industries. And we are always ready for a new challenge! Example projects include furniture, tech accessories, packaging, paper, clothing, bedding, mattresses, home decor, machined components, shoes, leather goods, bags, nail salon chairs and nail printers - even sea cucumbers!

he stories are all true. It really is the wild west at times when it comes to factories in China. Finding the right place to make your products can be a nightmare. But, among all the riffraff, there are many amazing manufacturers to be found. Real experts in their fields.


At T & T we are the experts at finding those gems. These diamonds are the companies we work with.

How? We meet them, we talk to them (in Chinese), we see their factories and form relationships with them. We arrange samples to ensure quality and we hold them to their word. 

Getting products of all quantities and sizes is possible if you can speak the language and understand the culture. Not everyone can order ten thousand pieces of the same thing. But we know Chinese manufacturing. And if China makes it, we know how to get it exactly the way you want it.

Send us an email or give us a call today. We'd love to be the link for you and your business.

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