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T & T helps businesses with sourcing and quality compliance in China. We source new products, and find manufacturers to make our customer's own designs. We ensure quality controls for mass production, and we can provide logistics and shipping. 

Industries we are currently working for include furniture, health care, tech accessories, automotive, packaging, home goods, electronics & appliances, textiles, bags and fashion clothing.

Our team of experts and extensive network of  suppliers is why T & T  is such a stable and reliable part of supply chains around the world.


 The best products made by the best factories in China.


We are a savvy team with an extensive network, based in China. 

We speak English and Chinese.


We travel to factories. We travel to trade fairs. We travel to customers.


We email, message, phone and video. 


We are a one stop shop for getting things done.

Your product for your business.


We work with companies of all shapes and sizes, in many different industries. And we are always ready for a new challenge! Example projects include furniture, tech accessories, packaging, paper, clothing, bedding, mattresses, home decor, machined components, shoes, leather goods, bags, nail salon chairs and nail printers - even sea cucumbers!

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